Women-Owned Business

Alternatives in Advertising is a 51% Women-Owned business with offices in Michigan and Colorado.

Primary Business

Our primary business is the distribution of Promotional Products, Decorated Apparel, Signs and Banners, Awards and Printed Material that relates to marketing and promotion.

ROI and ROO "Return On Investment" and "Return On Objective"

When applicable or needed we will work together with your end users and develop a program to help them with their challenges to gets an ROI or ROO. In our opinion our competitors are just selling a product with no purpose or plan behind it. We specifically focus on ROI and ROO, and not just sell a product to get the sale. We have helped our clients make millions of dollars using the programs that we develop with them.

The Benefits Of Personal Representation

We feel it is beneficial for our customers to have professional representation so that with our guidance and University experience you will purchase the best products that will fill the needs and the demographics that they you trying to reach.

iPROMOTEu Affiliation

Our affiliation with iPROMOTEu is a great asset to our clients. It also puts us in the same league as some of our larger competitors. The principle behind iPROMOTEu is that independent promotional products distributors can tailor their businesses to the needs of their clients. Usually big companies operate on a cookie cutter principle where every client gets the same service and benefit. With Alternatives In Advertising you get the flexibility, personal attention and focused customer service of dealing with a medium size company but all of the benefits of the giants in the promotional products industry. You get the best possible pricing available, the added feature of a second layer of customer service, a professional marketing consultant and the financial strength of a profitable debt-free company with over 108 million dollars of annual sales. No size order will be or has been too large for us to handle because of our affiliation with iPROMOTEu.

Preferred Supplier Network

Our network of preferred suppliers is the reason that we can offer our customers the best pricing in the industry. It is also one of the reasons that we can give you exceptional service. We have tremendous clout with these vendors and because of the size of the iPROMOTEu network we can often ask for favors such as quicker than normal turnaround times. This is a feature that our smaller competitors can't do.

Turnaround Time, Rush Orders

Deadlines are important. In almost 23 years we have never been late for an event. We can make executive decisions and we don't have to go through various channels to get things done. Because of the size of our company, we Just Do It.

Product Selection

We have access to the largest database in the industry with our affiliation with SAGE, an amazing almost 1 million products. Quite often there are unique items that are needed to accomplish the perfect result. Within that database is over 166K products through our Preferred Vendors, vendors who give us the best possible pricing which we extend to our customers.

Established Processes

We have developed extensive processes with numerous checks and balances integrated within. We feel that this is necessary so everything that gets ordered comes to our clients on time and exactly like they envisioned it.


We guarantee that the products that your end users get will always be exactly what they ordered. As we mentioned above, we go through extensive checks and balances and a detailed artwork process to make sure this happens. In the rare case that you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the product, we will work with you to resolve the concern. Our resolution includes a money-back guarantee.

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